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Monday, 30 October 2006

Slow food Salone del Gusto

Those of you who have read our blogs so far may notice that there is a "slight" bias towards food. Well we have to admit that we do love food. It is virtually impossible to live in Italy and not be interested in food. If you come to Italy without knowing anything about food you will certainly leave with a much broader knowledge.
This weekend we attended the holy of holies of the food world: Salone del Gusto in Turin, a festival and exhibition of the worlds finest foods. Obviously the Italian representation is extremely high but you can also get a taste of foods from the rest of the world. English cheddar, Indian spices, South American Potatoes, Spanish olives, Polish meats etc. All exhibited by the producers of the products, producers that care about what they make. All of their products are offered to sample and it is down to you to try them!
For us the highlight is always a meal prepared by one of the regional catering schools. Essentially they offer a sample of their regions finest foods and wines. This is often accompanied by a detailed description of what you are offered by the chef that produced it. A great way to learn about what you are eating and also a great way to try something new.
The only downside to this festival? It takes place only every two years! The next one will be in 2008 and is a must for your diary.

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