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Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Art exhibiton at the Fort of Fenestrelle

All these posts in so few days! I need to get out more!
Seriously though as much as we live in a wonderful place, real life still has to happen.
Whilst checking e-mails this morning we received an invite to the inauguration of an exhibition at the Fort. Now firstly I should explain what I mean by the fort.

The fort is the fortress at Fenestrelle. It is big! In fact big is an understatement! Imagine a fort that rises up one whole side of a mountain. Not any mountain but one that climbs to 1800m!. That is Fenestrelle. you can see some of it in our profile photo. It is over 3km long and has a staircase to the top with over 4000 steps. If you want a full guided tour bring a packed lunch and expect to spend up to 8 hours going round it! It is the largest fortification of its type in Europe and second only to The Great Wall of China.

The exhibition, which starts on 4th November is entitled "Abitare il Confine" this is translasted as "Life on the border" and will be exhibiting artists such as Gian Luigi Braggio, Orietta Brombin,Andrea Chidichimo, Sara Grazio, Meta Grgurevic, Hans-Herman Koopman, Kamite Sato, Angelo Volpe and many more.

If you want to visit the exhibition and need somewhere to stay then we at the Belvedere Bed & Breakfast are in the ideal spot.

The show is on from 5th November until 30th November.
Forte di Fenestrelle

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