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Adventures, observations,events and comments on life in an alpine valley in Italy from an English family living next door to the largest fortress in Europe. (Fenestrelle)
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Saturday, 21 October 2006

New update

A second entry in one day! Well it is a new toy! As I sit here waiting for our newly redesigned website to upload on good old fashioned steam powered 56k dial up( We don't get broadband in this part of the alps) I thought I would mention a few things that we intend to do on this blog. They may or may not happen. You will just have to wait and see.
We will be occasionally posting recepies of things we have tried or like. Most of these will be based on local specialties.
We will also try and post little snippets of anything else we think might be of interest in respect to Italian and mountain culture. For example I am currently experimenting with making Genepy which is a trditional liquer. I wll be letting you know how it turns out and may even tell you how it is done!

At this time of year we come into chestnut season. Unlike the ones in the UK that we use to play conkers; the ones here are roasted and eaten. It makes the onset of colder weather more bearable and for me is something I look forward to. Seasonal food is always so much nicer than being able to have it all year round! Tomorrow we have our first "castagnata" or roast chestnut fair. We will be adding photos and details tomorrow! Yummmmmmmmy!

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