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Sunday, 22 October 2006

Castagne festival @ Ossasco

The weather today was a bit grey. hey it cannot be sunny every day. That would get boring. However we took a trip to a little town at the end of the valley where they were having a little festa. Ossasco is a typical farming town on the edge of the Po plain. Their big winning factor today was the fact that they were roasting chestnuts! Oh yummy! There were also great displays of the towns finest vegetables. Apples, squashes, mushrooms, you name it! Good food is Very important in this part of the world and great pride is taken in producing it. There is none of the GM or factory farm produced rubbish here. These farmers may not be the wealthiest in the world but at least they are happy and healthy! Along with the food there were vintage cars and tractors and many stalls selling home produced honey and other conserves . Local honeys are fantastic. Acacia is exceptional and the dark Castagna honey is perfect fro making tasty cakes and biscuits.

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