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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mark Cavendish Top Sprinter

Mark did it again at Florence. This time Petacchi even admitted that he could not keep up with Cavendish. The Italian press however were not as gracious. They claimed that Petacchi had caught some wind as he tried to sprint for the line. obviously Cavendish had found the only non windy bit on the whole track?
Mark's career has really only just begun and he has many more years of development ahead of him. My prediction is that Cippolini's record of sprint victories will be beaten by the "Manx Thunderbolt". I think this year will be sen in Yellow during the Tour and he will certainly be winning a few more stages this year in both main tours.
British cycling is at it's best ever. Lets not loose this by being complacent. I hope that Cavendish is inspiring the younger generation as much as he is inspiring mine.

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