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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Cavendish wins amidst controversy

Mark has won again! Well done Cav! This time he caught Petacchi napping in the sprint. However this stage of the Giro will probably be remembered more for the fact that all the riders came to a halt over the fact that this years stages are dangerous. This is the day after Horillo had his terrible accident.
Personally I think the riders were right to stop in mid race for this issue. At the end of the day we ask these guys to do incredible things but the one thing I would not ask any of them to do is risk their lives. It was appalling to see a car parked halfway on and off the road in what was a circuit race on closed roads. It should have been removed before they started.
Tomorrow is a rest day and then...... and then ...........the real mountain stage where we hope to see the serious mountan climbers come to the fore. Tuesday sees the Cuneo Pinerolo stage and I wll be there at Fenestrelle to watch them fly past.
Go Cav, Go Lance, Go Basso!

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