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Monday, 15 December 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!

A great excuse to write another blog. There is over two metres of snow outside our windows or should I say over our windows! I have never seen so much snow in my life! In the last 24 hrs we have recieved over 1.5m of snow and it shows no sign of stopping.This morning I tried to get to Sestriere. I had to dig the panda out of the snow, then dig a channel to the part that had been cleared by the snowplough. It is at times like these that I am grateful that the panda is so small. Our little car is literally unstoppable in this weather. The only thing that stopped me getting to Sestriere was the fact that an avalanche half way up the mountain had completely blocked the road and it had officially been closed.

I had to turn back. No problem. Just stick the car back into two wheel drive, handbrake on, full left lock and plenty of revs and the car turns on the spot. Once facing back down hill put it back into 4x4 and away we go.
The only problem when I got back to Chambons was where to park the car? Apart from the roads cleared by the plough there was no open space to leave it. On the basis that I do not plan to go anywhere else today I just stuck it into some soft snow out ouf the way of the plough.Once back at home the next task was to clear some of the snow off our roof. Every cucbic metre of snow weighs 700kg so with 40 m2 of roof there had been quite a substantial addition to our old roof with it being nearly 2m deep.

The good news is that there is allready enough snow to last through the winter season. The local council will be building the crosscountry ski circuit through our village and there is plenty of snowshoeing to be had. (in fact for the next couple of days skiing and snow shoeing will be the only feasable modes of transport.


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