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Monday, 4 August 2008

Watch out there is a Nuovo Mussolini!

I usually do not talk politics on this blog and I am not into conspiracy theories but here in Italy there has been an interesting development on the political front.
Firstly I find it strange that we have a right wing government when so many people used to profess to be socialists or even communists. How do these people change ideologies overnight? The other more worrying situation and the reason for writing is the fact that Berlusconi has deployed troops in what would normally be police roles.
Many people would say "Oh don't worry it is only to get crime under control and to improve security" however I cannot ignore the fact that it seems remarkably similar to Mussolini's rise to power in the late 20s to 30s. Just get the population used too seeing troops on the streets and then slowly increase their numbers and range of powers. The signs were missed then and I fear they are going to be missed again.
If they need to improve security then why not increase the numbers of Carabinieri or state police. Get rid of stupid legislation and actually give the Police the tools to do the job properly and allow active patrolling. After all the Carabinieri are part of the Military. This introduction of troops is an insult to these forces of law and order as well as a more sinister jostle for power.

What is more worrying is the connection with Berlusconi and the pseudo masonic group Propaganda due which had one of Mussolini's advisers Licio Gelli as a member. There are links with this organisation and Roberto Calvi who was found hung under Black friars Bridge in London.

Are the troop postings just an increase in security? Or are there other "Developments" waiting in the wings? Only time will tell.

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