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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Globes Balls and Tate(rs)

I am getting a bit slack on updating our blog. However I have finally got round to writing something new. Today I write with a definite spherical theme.

We took a trip back to London last weekend. The motivation for this was a family wedding. The wedding went well and was held at Browns in Covent Garden. The food and company was excellent and the evening went well. The highlight of the evening was an entertainer called Mr Woo. He currently holds the world record for bouncing a ball on his head! At first I wondered what he would do that could keep a hundred or so people entertained. (Bouncing a ball on your head is not what I would call entertaining.) He is also an accomplished “football juggler” and actually kept us entertained for quite some time with his tricks. The control he had over the football was incredible. Often he seemed to defy the laws of physics with the ball just stopping on the tip of his foot, thigh, elbow or head. I am not into football in any way and it kept me entertained! To see what he can do

demo video of mr woo

The rest of the weekend we played “tourist” and visited the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern. The Globe is a fantastic place, A reconstruction of William Shakespeare’s original Globe theatre in the 1500s. It has been faithfully reconstructed using traditional methods and techniques. From afar it appears a little out of context amongst the buildings of modern London but that contrast helps to accentuate the difference made by time.

Globe Theatre website Here!

Alongside the Globe is of course a building that represents the industrial age. Again this is a building that has been rebuilt but with a totally different use today than it had 80 years ago. Now it is known as the Tate Modern. It is a huge space ideal for showing large pieces of modern art. This is accessed from the north bank via the infamous Millennium Bridge. I can certainly say that it no longer wobbles. Unfortunately we did not get any photos of Tate Modern but have vowed to go again and spend some more time there.

Tate Modern link

We had a great time back in a “proper city.” There seemed to be a real buzz around London. Perhaps after working there for so many years the “novelty” had worn off. However on returning after a few years the “magic” seemed to have returned. One thing that hadn’t changed was the weather. Windy, wet and grey.

It was also a nice feeling to get back home. Here it had snowed again and our village looked like a Christmas card. The slopes are in perfect condition and we can now get out skiing. Hooray!

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