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Monday, 18 June 2007

Simple Mountain Fun

I have been watching a fantastic programme on BBC World called "The Happiness Formula". I believe that it is being shown on BBC2 back in the UK.
Having escaped from the Consumer Crazy world to live a more fulfilling life I can agree on a lot of what has been said.
An excellent example for me occurred this weekend here in Fenestrelle. (A simple mountain town with a history over 2000 years old!)

This weekend saw a simple tradition that dates back to obscurity here in the mountains. Known as the Race on the Avalanche. Normally this entails anyone daft enough and in possession of a pair of skis to ski a slalom course on a very narrow strip of snow usually left after the winter. This year there was not enough snow, so the slalom race was simply turned into a 2.5km run (at 1800m).
About 20 people took part in this event (The race is not taken too seriously). After the race comes the best part.....Salsiccia and Polenta. This is where we all get together on the mountain cook up some simple food and then enjoy it. We even have the local priest come up and hold a little service for those who are interested.

This event may not sound that exciting but it is simply good fun and a good social get together. Prizes are awarded to the runners and others but it is certainly not taken too seriously and everyone goes home happy and full.

During this event I felt myself falling into the trap of thinking how we could make this event bigger, possibly international and then I realized that it would take away the essence of what it was all about. Fun good old fashioned simple fun.

Thanks to the people of Fenestrelle for making me realise that bigger is not always better!

Keep life simple. Keep it happy! :-)

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