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Thursday, 9 November 2006

Autumn Walks in the Italian Alps

The weather at the moment is being very good to us. After a short cold snap it has remained very dry and fantastically sunny. This has meant that we can get out on the mountains and enjoy the beauty of the autumnal colours. Also now that the cattle farmers and shepherds have brought down their animals form the pastures the wild livestock can regain their territory.

It has been a fabulous chance to see large herds of Chamois as well as deer and the odd "Muflone" (A type of wild sheep). Over the past few days the elusive Stembok have remained just that! The marmots have already tucked themselves up for the winter with only the occasional squeal from one or two suffering from insomnia.

This time of year when the weather is good is possibly the best time to be on the mountains. It is possible to be walking around in short sleeves in brilliant sunshine and admiring clear views over the Cottian alps and further south the Ligurian alps and even the Apennines can be seen. at the same time in the shadier spots large icicles are forming around the waterfalls and streams to remind you that winter is on its way.

The other great advantage at this time of year is that you get the mountains almost to your self. Peace, tranquility and silence. A great place for contemplation and relaxation.
For me one of the greatest and most satisfying pleasures is seeing the animals enjoying themselves and roaming free. Not there because a farmer has put them there but there because nature put them there. It just makes you feel great to be alive!

views over cottian alps

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